Arrival in Darmstadt

Information for IAESTE-Trainees in Darmstadt

Dear applicants!
We are glad you applied for an internship in Darmstadt. As soon as you are accepted by your employer, you are ready to go!
Our local committee in Darmstadt consists of about 5-10 students. We work voluntarily for IAESTE because we are interested in getting to know foreign students, different cultures and languages – just like you! Our summer program consists of organizing many different trips and events for our trainees. During your internship you will have the opportunity to acquire important experience in your field of study. At the same time we want you to experience German culture and society. Together with us and other trainees you will surely have an unforgettable stay here in Darmstadt!
In the following paragraphs you will find some important information for your stay here in Darmstadt. Should you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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First steps
First days in Darmstadt

 First steps after your acceptance

As soon as the employer returns the acceptance papers, the IAESTE national committee will forward them to you. Once you get these papers it is time for you to make some arrangements:

  • Within 2 weeks you must fill out the form N5/b and send it to your home country’s national committee (sometimes there are more forms to fill out and send). Once we get your N5/b we will start looking for your accommodation. It is very important that we get the N5/b as soon as possible.
  • If you are not a citizen of the European Union you will need a visa for Germany. Since the visa application process may take several weeks, you should apply for a visa at the German embassy or consulate closest to you as soon as possible. For this application you need all the documents sent to you. Please ask for a “Schengen-Visa”. This visa is also valid for all neighboring countries of Germany and most countries in Europe.
  • Please also note that depending on your home country, the visa you receive will only be valid for the duration of your internship. If you wish to remain in Germany or Europe after finishing your work, you might have to apply for a second tourist visa in advance. In many cases, your visa cannot be extended once you have already arrived in Germany. Ask the embassy or consulate about this when you apply for your work visa.
  • Please make sure your passport is valid for the duration of your stay.
  • Get yourself an International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
  • Please inform us when you are going to arrive in Germany.


IAESTE trainees must be covered with health-, accident- and private liability insurance for the duration of their stay in Germany. The national committee of IAESTE Germany automatically provides an appropriate insurance package for every trainee coming to Germany. IAESTE trainees in Germany do not have to arrange insurance coverage themselves, as long as the internship does not exceed a period of 6 months. Should the internship last longer, the trainee must pay for the extra months of insurance on his/her own (23.50 EUR per month). The insurance policy details can be found here.

Of course we will help you with all the formalities, filling out the insurance card and the transfer.

If you have your own insurance, you must fill out the insurance statement which we will send to you on request. This is very important!

Students from the EU are insured by their homeland medical insurance company during their stay. Don’t forget to bring your European Health Insurance Card! Trainees from countries with which Germany has signed a social agreement containing an insurance clause can remain insured in their home country (such social agreements exist with all EU members plus the countries mentioned here). 

Additional insurance coverage (e.g. vehicle insurance) is not provided by IAESTE and is the responsibility of the trainee.


Darmstadt is a medium-sized city in the state Hessen. Located just 30 minutes south of Frankfurt am Main, you can get to Darmstadt by airplane, train, bus or car.
Please let us know as soon as possible when exactly you will arrive in Darmstadt, so that we can arrange your accommodation and have someone from our IAESTE staff to pick you up. This person will take you to your accommodation and answer your questions.

  • Arrival by airplane: For your trip to Germany, we recommend that you fly to Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) (30 minutes by bus to Darmstadt). We will gladly pick you up from there. If you arrive at a different airport or city, we will be pleased to help you with the planning of your onward journey to Darmstadt. You can look for appropriate connections on the pages of the Deutsche Bahn, the largest German railway company. Other airports to consider:
    • Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) (bus to Frankfurt, then train to Darmstadt: 2,5h)
    • Düsseldorf International (DUS) (train to Darmstadt: 3h)
    • Köln Bonn Airport (CGN) (train to Darmstadt: 2,5h)
    • Stuttgart Airport (STR) (train to Darmstadt: 2,5h)
  • Arrival by train: Darmstadt is connected to the international high-speed train network, therefore you might prefer this option, depending on where you are travelling from. You can look for suitable connections on the pages of the Rail Europe or the Deutsche Bahn. In this case we also will pick you up from Darmstadt’s central train station.
  • Arrival by bus: If you are from a European country, one of the multiple intercity bus services – for example, Flixbus or Eurolines – might be an alternative for you.
  • Arrival by car: Darmstadt is connected to the German motorway network, located directly at the motorway junction of the Autobahn A5 and A67. Europe-wide route suggestions are available here. We do not recommend travelling by car as there are relatively few parking spaces in Darmstadt. Aside from that, a car is not necessary in everyday life in Darmstadt, because everything can be reached by foot or bicycle (which you can borrow from us).


If you inform us about your arrival in time, we will arrange accommodation for you. We search for low-cost, furnished rooms and rent them for the period of your internship. In addition there will be an access to a kitchen and to a shower/toilet. In most rooms there will be an Internet connection, but we cannot always guarantee that.

Your rent will be around 350 € per month. In addition, a security deposit must be paid upon your arrival (200 € – 700 €) that you will get back at the end of your stay, if you leave your room without having damaged anything. Therefore, please bring enough money with you, as salaries are always paid at the end of the month in Germany.

The first days in Darmstadt

During the first days a member of our local committee will help you with all your questions and show you the city center of Darmstadt. You will find out where you can buy all the everyday things and what you can do in Darmstadt in the evenings. Additionally we assist you in getting a German prepaid SIM card for your mobile phone so that you can call us and the other trainees at low costs. The local committee member will also bring you to your working place on your first working day. Soon you will also get to know the other members of the local committee and the other trainees.


Independently from having a visa or not, it might be necessary to registry at the local foreigners office (“Ausländerbehörde”). Please contact us such that we can clarify the details for you!


  • Passport and if necessary a schengen-visa (Tip: Make some copies of them and leave your passport at home when travelling within Germany!)
  • Warm and rainproof clothes! Even in summer, the weather in Darmstadt can be quite cold and wet sometimes.
  • International student identity card ( (not required but useful)
  • Sleeping bag (more convenient for weekend trips) or bed linen, towels
  • Money for your expenses during the first month for expenses, e.g. security deposit, first rent, food and supplies. Usually 900-1000 Euro should be enough.
  • Any personal requirements
  • Some passport photographs (around 4)
  • Certificate of enrollment (most employers need this)
  • Please DO NOT FORGET to contact us regarding your arrival date and time!
  • Return ticket
  • Your very best mood!

Have a safe trip and we’ll see you in Darmstadt!